Surface Panel Design Options

change-panels-06What does “Surface Panel Design Options” mean? 

Master Doors highlight an inspiring feature that enables you to choose the surface design appearance on both the inside and outside faces of the door. This feature is accomplished with the use of separate, interchangeable “panels” that are applied over the door’s center core construction to complete the finished appearance.

Whether your design style is traditional,  contemporary, or entirely unique, the Master surface panel feature works for your requirements. Select surface panels designs made from various materials and for use with your environmental conditions. Even use your custom panels that are made for use with the Master door.

If you are looking for a single or double door with a solid surface,  full or partial glass door options, or an integrated door system with sidelights and a transom, you can match the traditional appearance of other doors, or create a stylish contemporary impression from the broad selection of surface designs found on this page.  green-arched-door-photo


Not all the surface panel types are suitable for Exterior weather conditions. The icons shown below, and described in the surface panel characteristics legend,  indicate whether the surface panel material is suitable for Indoor, Sheltered,  or Universal weather conditions.  Read more -> Surface Panel Characteristics.

To easily locate your preferred surface design, look for the sections that illustrate Solid Surface Doors or Glass Doors.  In each of these groupings you will find a portfolio of surface designs, material types, and images of finished panels.

When you find your exterior and interior surface panel design style from the options below, simply Contact Us with reference to your preferred Master Door model (Read more -> Door Models ), the panel design model number, and the type of finish, to request a quote or additional information – Contact Us .


 universal-applic-iconsheltered-applic-iconSolid Surface Door Design Options 








 Hardwood Designs



 Flat or Pressed Metal Designs


Flat Aluminum and Steel Panel Images





 Flat Wood Veneer, Laminates and Composites








 universal-applic-iconsheltered-applic-iconGlass Door Design Options 




 Glass Door Surface Design Examples


Multi-layer Wood Examples

PG---PR-502 PG--P701-mahogany-Cherry--- PG--P701-mahogany
P502 Cherry P701 Cherry P701 Mahogany
PG---P703 6-panel-col-mahogany-w-fram 6-panel-colonial-Walnut
 P703 Cherry PR526 Mahogany PR526 Walnut


Specialty Metal Examples

FS--Panel-2---elite-stainle FS---Panel-4---elite-fused- FS---Panel-6---elite-stainl
Metal: Stainless Steel
Finish: Gold Bronze
Pattern: Chardonnay
Metal: Fused Bronze
Finish: Satin
Pattern: Dallas
Metal: Stainless Steel
Finish: Polished
Pattern: Nashville
FS---Panel-7---elite-fused- FS--Panel-1---elite-bonded- FS--Panel-3---elite-bonded-
 Metal: Fused Nickel Silver
Finish: Linen
Pattern: None
Metal: Bonded Nickel Silver
Finish: Dark
Pattern: Taos
Metal: Bonded Copper
Finish: Dark
Pattern: Modena 

Glass Door – Examples 

GD---DF-IMG_0952 GD - DF IMG_0952 WHITE  20151212_155434_003 
 Double – Flat Black   Double – Flat White   Double – Flat White
GD---SF---French-Single-Doo GD---SF---French-Single-Door-WHITE   
Narrow Single – Black  Narrow Single – White  Add Single from house 

Single Door With Side Light Example

   Single with one side light