Company – About Us

American Master Door, LLC, is a privately owned and operated business originally established in 2007,  as Category 5 Security Doors, LLC.  Our objective was to operate as a Regional Distributor for Master Security Doors, Inc. (A US based company).  Since inception, we have managed significant changes to our business plan, and the goal of developing a dynamic American market for the Master Door product line.  In 2014, Category 5 Security Doors and Master Door (Master Porte Blindate – the Manufacturer),  terminated our business relationships with Master Security Doors, Inc.  


As a result of those changes, American Master Door, LLC, is now recognized and endorsed as the principal US affiliate for Import, Distribution and Service of the Master Door systems.  We invite you to review our Letter of Endorsement.                       Read more ->  Affiliation with Master Door     


Master Door is located in Piacenza, Italy.  This world class company has been engineering and manufacturing quality secure door systems throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America since 1978.  With the anticipated changes we project for the US door market, and as our business relationship grows, we look forward to expanding the Master Door production capability and applying their door technology in a new US. based manufacturing facility.


keypad-newMaster Secure Doors are truly designed for the 21st century and are next generation products compared to traditional door designs. They fully support the emerging trend and transition toward use of technology, and application of more physically robust secure door systems.  When compared to your typical US door,  you will find that the Master Door is competitively priced with features that typical doors cannot match.  Combine the elegant, architecturally inspired, traditional and contemporary styles with custom design capabilities, and an unsurpassed portfolio of door models and appearance options, you will find our doors offer the right choice for any application.


Our portfolio of door options include models for all your exterior entry doors, or for specialty interior safe and secure room applications.  All our door models are certified to resist burglary and intruders. We have other models that also include features and certification ratings for Severe Weather (Tornadoes and Hurricanes), Fire, Sound Mitigation, and Bullet Resistance.   If you do not see what you need on our website, please contact us to discuss options.  In most situations, we are able to customize a model to meet your specific size, appearance or functional requirements.


Our commitment to product quality, business integrity, and comprehensive customer service are the cornerstones of our business success. Our mission is to ensure that these attributes are consistently applied in our day-to-day business activities. Our goal is to provide a complete line of exterior entry, and interior safe / secure room doors that integrate exceptional security features and styling options to meet each customer’s specific design requirements. In those situations where a non-standard door size, or a personalized appearance is desired, we can provide a customized design to meet the most discriminating requirements.



You will find our security door systems installed in renovation and new construction applications that include: Single and multi-family residences, condominiums, commercial buildings, schools, hotels, medical centers, industrial operations, government buildings, public service facilities, military applications, and many other specific use functions. The most common current installations are for residential and business entry door, residential personal safe and secure rooms, and in-home vault closets.


As you browse our website, we believe you will see the overwhelming advantage that a Master Door offers for increasing the value and overall security of your property, while lowering insurance costs, and satisfying your demands for stylish appearance.


To truly understand the value and security that our product line offers, we invite you to visit your nearest Affiliated Partner or Dealer (Contact Us),  or call us for more information, or to schedule an appointment to visit our Main Office.  If there is not a Dealer currently near your location, please consider contacting your preferred local door or window provider and refer them to us.


If you or your business is interested in becoming a Partner or Dealer, or in the event that your specific questions are not answered on our website, please (Contact Us). We look forward to assisting you.