Affiliation with Master Door




Mr. William H. Black, Jr., P.E.

American Master Door, LLC

Owner and Managing Director

6216 Suite H, Angus Drive

Raleigh, NC 27617

Subject: Import, Distribution and Service for Master Door Products in the United States


Dear Mr. Black:


We are pleased to notify you, and the existing and future United States customers of the Master Door product line, that your company, American Master Door, LLC, is currently recognized as the principal US affiliate for Import, Distribution and Service of our secure door systems.

Your business has been promoting our door systems under the name of Category 5 Security Doors, LLC, since 2007, and we are very proud of your recent decision to change the business name to American Master Door, LLC. This change further endorses your company’s ongoing commitment and affiliation with Master Door to promote our products in the US … 

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