Bullet Resistant

Armored and Ballistic Rated With Security

UL Rated Ballistic Resistance –  Levels 2 /3  and 7

Primary Applications:  Court Houses,  Secure Storage Rooms, Personal and Public Shelters and Safe Rooms, Business and School Secure Zones, Government and Military Facilities


Door Models:

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EX5  UL Rated Level 2 / 3 –  .357 / .44 Magnum Bullet Resistance, Security Features; Single Units Only

AK47  – UL Rated Level 7 –  7.62 x 39 MM Bullet Resistance, Security Features; Single Units Only







Standard and Special Features:

  • Manganese Anti-Ballistic Plate
  • Reinforced, Multi-point Lock System 
  • Model EX5 supports Electric Lock and Electronic Access systems with Remote Authorization
  • Bullet Resistant Frame and Sill Plate


  • UL rated bullet resistance for .357 and .44 magnum (EX5) and typical AK 47 ammunition – 7.62 x 39mm 
  • Integrated protection against Forced Entry and Burglary
  • Insulated Core – Minimizes heat and cold transmission
  • Door Latch adjustment mechanism – Ensures a firm door seal.  Eliminates door rattle and vibrations. 
  • Adjustable Ball Bearing Hinges  – Makes the door easy to open and close and always ensures proper positioning and operation.
  • Hinge and Lock Box Reinforcement