General Purpose

General Use and Typical Applications 

European Security Classes 3 and 4. Renovation, New Construction and Customized Sizes 

Primary Applications:  Exterior Entry,  Interior Rooms, Safe Rooms, Secure Storage Spaces



Door Models:

(Click Model Name for Details):


ARCHED – Not Certified;   Classic Arched Design;  Single Units only

DOUBLE –  Class 3;  Equal and Un-Equal Leaf  Width Configurations (Typical for Double Models – See below)

EX3 – Class 3;  Standard US Model;  Single or Double Units

EURO PLUS – Class 3;  Two Independent Locking Systems;  Single or Double Units

FLAT –  Class 3;  Features “Concealed Hinge” Design;  Single or Double Units

FORZA 4 – Class 4;  Highest Resistance Rating to Forced Entry and Burglary;  Single or Double Units

GLASS – Class 3;  Full Length or Partial Glass; Single or Double Units

GLASS – FLAT   Class 3;  Full Length or Partial Glass; Features “Concealed Hinge” (FLAT) Design; Single or Double Units

HIGH TECH –  Class 3;  Electric Locking System with Electronic Access;  Single or Double Units;  Concealed Hinge (FLAT) Design Option

STANDARD – Class 3;  Base Model;  Single or Double Units


Standard  and Special Features:

  • Multi-Point Locking System –  Single operating point for all dead bolts (Key or Turn Knob).
  • Five Fixed Control Bolts  – Maximizes the door side strength on the hinge side.  
  • Insulated Core and Double Weatherstripping – Energy efficient design to minimize interior heating and cooling costs.  Minimizes air leaks and drafts.
  • Door Latch adjustment mechanism – Ensures a firm door seal.  Eliminates door rattle and vibrations. 
  • Adjustable Ball Bearing Hinges  – Makes the door feather-light to open and close and always ensures proper positioning and operation.
  • Glass – Certified to EN 356 with Classification P5A, 30 mm thick, Thermal Insulating Security type
  • Concealed (Hidden Hinges) – Included with all FLAT models. 
  • High Tech models support interface with Numeric Key Pad, Bio-metric Readers, Key Card and FOB Scanners, and are equipped with an electronic lock.
  • The High Tech electronic lock integrates traditional ‘key’ operation in case of power failure, or electric / electronic fault.  Lock closes automatically when the door is closed.



  • Peace of mind knowing these doors offer 27 / 7  security and protection for your family, employees, facility,  and property.
  • Provides a true physical barrier to keep Intruders and Burglars out of your property.
  • Limited Lifetime warranty – Door Core is warranted against rust and failure.
  • Built with with quality construction materials  and components long life and trouble-free operation. 
  • Maintainable – All component parts can be replaced.
  • Door surfaces can be easily replaced if damaged, or to change the door’s appearance.

Door Configurations:

Single Door


Double Door (Equal and Un-Equal Width Leaf  Configurations)


Equal Leaf Width Option 







Un-Equal Leaf Width Option






Glass Doors – Single and Double (French) Configurations

Thermal Insulating, Intrusion Resistant Security Glass – 30 mm thick. Read more ->  Glass Characteristics


Single Door 

Narrow or Standard Width, Full Length, and Partial Glass Options. See Glass Designs ->  Surface Panel Design Options
















Double (French Door) Configuration 

Narrow or Standard Width, Full Length, and Partial Glass Options. See Glass Designs ->  Surface Panel Design Options




Sidelights and and Transoms

Single or Double Sidelight and Integrated  Transom – Rectangular or Arched, for either a Single or Double Door.

Read more ->  Sidelight and Transom Designs

Thermal Insulating, Intrusion Resistant Security Glass – 25 mm thick. Read more ->  Glass Characteristics