Design Options

When choosing any door, the most important considerations are the Functional and Visual aspects. For American Master Doors, the Functional aspect includes the different models, design configurations, and associated features that can be selected.




From a Visual perspective, Master doors highlight an inspiring feature that enables you to choose the surface design appearance on both the inside and outside faces of the door. This feature is accomplished with the use of separate, interchangeable “panels” that are applied over the door’s center core construction to complete the finished appearance.




Whether your design style is traditional,  contemporary, or entirely unique, the Master surface panel feature works for your requirements. Select surface panels designs made from various materials and for use with your environmental conditions. Even use your custom panels that are made for use with the Master door.



If your goal is to match the existing design of your interior doors,  or to specify a full construction package of exterior entry doors with world class security features and unlimited appearance options, American Master Door has the secure door system to exceed your project expectations.

The following features highlight the surface panel design benefits you receive with a Master Secure Door system.

1:  Choose a surface panel design and material to match your desired door appearance and weather resistance needs.

These are the materials that are used to materials that Surface panels are made from the following materials (some application limitations apply – see the Surface Panel Exterior Weather Exposure Legend.  click here -> Legend)


  • Hardwoods – Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, Poplar, and other woods by custom request. Raised designs, Interior and limited Exterior applications
  • Water Resistant, Multi-Layer Wood, Routed or Engraved designs, Interior and Exterior applicationsFlat Due Ante in a Flat
  • Multi-Layer Wood, Routed or Engraved designs, Interior and Exterior applications
  • Fiber Resin (MDF), Routed or Engraved designs, Interior applications
  • Moisture and Water Resistant Fiber Resin (HDF), Routed or Engraved designs, Interior and Exterior applications
  • Composites, Flat designs only, Interior and Exterior applications
  • Aluminum, Flat or Pressed designs, Interior and Exterior applications
  • Steel, Flat designs only, Interior and Exterior applications
  • Natural and Synthetic Wood Verneer, Flat designs only, Interior and limited Exterior applications
  • Colored Laminates, Flat designs only, Interior Applications 


2: The surface panel materials have different thicknesses to enable a full range of visual effects from flat surfaces to a raised panel designs. Surface Panel Characteristics


3: Depending on the type of material, the surface panels can be provided in the following finished condition:

  • Unfinished or primer painted condition
  • Pre-finished in your choice of  RAL paint color (click here ->RAL Color Chart) and protected with an acrylic sealant
  • Pre-painted with blended custom colors, or stained with common wood colors and sealed with a urethane finish


4:  If after the Master Door is installed,  a surface panel is damaged, or if a new appearance is desired, the panels can be replaced while the door remains installed.  Since the door structure carries a limited lifetime warranty, and all the associated parts can be replaced, there is no need to ever purchase another door.




Included with each Master Door is a standard lever style handle set with matching finish trim, a spy eye peep hole, and sill finish accessories. To view the Hardware and Accessory options and finishes, click here-> Hardware and Accessories 





To read more about the surface panel material characteristics,  click here -> Surface Panel Characteristics


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