Technical Details


Standard Model EX3 Door Sizes, and Rough Opening Dimensions. Read more -> EX3 Model Standard Sizes and Rough Opening Dimensions

Detailed Installation Instructions. Read more ->  Installation Instructions

Door Closer Installation Instructions.  Read more -> Door Closer Installation

Surface Panel Replacement.  Read more -> Coming Soon


Technical References:

 European Regulatory Standard for Testing Intrusion and Burglary Resistant Doors.  Read more ->  European Reg ENV 1627 – 30

 European Classes Assigned to Resist Burglary and Forced Entry.  Read more ->  Burglary  / Forced Entry Resistance Classes

 Steel Thickness Conversion Reference Table (gauge – inch – mm).  Read more ->  British and US Steel Thickness Conversion Table


Electric and Electronic Locks:

Electronic Lock User Guide. Read more ->  FIAM Electronic Lock User Guide

Electric Lock Guide. Read more ->  Electric Lock User Guide

Electric Lock Wiring Diagram. Read more ->  Electric and Electronic Lock Wiring Illustration


Painted Surface Panel Color Options:

RAL Color Chart.  Read more ->  RAL Color Chart


Warranty Information:

Warranty information for door leaf and components. Read more -> Coming Soon